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How to Get Started in the Rust Removal Business with Rust Remover Plus™

If you do house washing, soft washing, concrete cleaning, building cleaning, or awning cleaning, rust removal can be a low entry cost, high profit, addition to your cleaning offerings. Property damage from oxidation can occur from leaking air conditioners, cracked stucco, fertilizer that is allowed to remain on sidewalks, rainwater running over metal objects attached to buildings, and many other things. Property owners, HOA’s, and facility managers are eager to have it removed. The process is quick, and fairly simple if you have the right tools, and you understand the process.

If you are adding rust stain removal to your business, then your go-to chemical needs to be Rust Remover Plus™, sold exclusively by  It is an extremely effective chemical designed to remove rust stains.

Rust Remover Plus™:

    • Quickly removes rust and rust stains from painted, steel, brass, copper, wooden and ceramic surfaces
    • Protects surfaces from corrosion and brightens non-ferrous metals
    • Is safe to apply on all kinds of surfaces including aluminum
    • Has a broad application field

You will also need:

The process is simple. If there is dirt, grass or other large particles, you should sweep it away before you begin. Then use a pump up chemical sprayer to coat the surface of the concrete with Rust Remover Plus™. When most of the area is covered, use a stiff bristle brush to spread the Rust Remover Plus™ over the surface evenly. Then, stand back and watch the magic happen. The rust will disappear as the Rust Remover Plus™ dries. That’s it!

Josh Minx of Southern Clean Pressure Wash Company in Kansas City, Missouri switched to Rust Remover Plus™ with great success. “When I was doing a large hospital over in Wichita, KS, it was 29 degrees outside. The rust removal product I was using wouldn’t work because of the cold weather. I had a sample of Rust Remover Plus™, and without a doubt it worked in a few minutes. So I went and bought a five gallon container and ended up doing the whole building with Rust Remover Plus™.”

After that job, Minx was asked to bid on another rust stained property owned by the hospital.

Next, a small restoration company contacted Minx about rust on limestone shacks that house mailboxes. He demonstrated to the company how quickly and easily he can do the job using Rust Remover Plus™ and was hired for 6 more jobs worth $14,000.

Wayne Shockey, owner of Specialized Maintenance, an awning cleaning and rust stain removal company in Fort Worth, TX and an expert in rust stains, says that Rust Remover Plus™ is “my favorite product for fertilizer rust stains. It is a real miracle product. I’ve made a lot of money knowing how to apply it and when to apply it.”

The product’s incredible ability to clean makes it a lucrative selling tool. “It cleans so well that if you just spot clean, you get white spots on the concrete. You can’t just spot clean, you need to clean the entire area.  It’s not just a rust remover but a concrete cleaner, too.” Shockey prices the services by the square foot because he cleans the entire area, not only the rust spots. “If you know how to apply it and price it, you can do well as a commercial cleaner,” he says.

Some things to remember about Rust Remover Plus™: it is an acid and can do serious damage to any exposed area of the body it touches. Wear gloves, goggles, sturdy shoes and a mask when you mix and apply it. (It can be mixed with water or used as is, depending on the stain.) Also, it will kill vegetation immediately upon contact so don’t over spray it. You can soak vegetation with water before and after to safeguard them from any contact.
Want to know how to make rust removal a part of your company’s services? Call at and 1-800-433-2113 we will get you started!

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