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Christmas Light Installation Services

Winter is Coming | Add Christmas Light Installation Services to Keep a Pressure Washing Business Busy During the Winter

Have trouble earning during the slow winter months? Offer Christmas light installation services to current customers and watch the holiday revenue flow! Learn all the ins and outs from’s Christmas Light Installation online training. This affordable training covers all aspects of this business. Including installation techniques, marketing, how to calculate what to charge, safety tips, and so much more! It is a complete guide to a successful Christmas light installation business. has you covered, too, with the best holiday lights and accessory products in stock and ready to ship. Lights! Clips! Wreaths, and more. Be the talk of the neighborhood! 

What do I need to Get Started?

Just three things. A Business Plan, Supplies and Equipment. Full details are provided in Christmas Light Instillation Services training from Power Wash Academy. Most washers have all the equipment needed, such as ladders, safety gear, and tools from their power washing business. So, gearing up is FREE. All that is left is training, lights, and simple decorations. The trick is lining up potential clients early to be able to judge the inventory needed. Plan for ALL the required inventory- lights, clips, stakes, wreaths, ribbons, timers, and even zip strips. The goal is to quickly make customers’ homes shine during the holidays! Find shops with a wide selection of products and low-price guarantees to get started. 

PRO TIP: customers want lights up fast, and many people will call at the last minute. Start booking jobs early and build inventory when prices are low in warmer months.

How To Get The Word Out?

Power Wash Academy’s Christmas light Training will show the most effective strategies to market to the current customer base and new customers. Basically, talk to current customers! An existing relationship is one huge benefit of offering Christmas light installation services alongside pressure washing. Leverage the trust built from quality work already done. Contact them again and offer Christmas light installation services. 

PRO TIP: When contacting clients about this, focus mainly on family homes. Owners with families want elaborate Christmas lights to help celebrate the holidays with their kids and the rest of the neighborhood. 

When to Contact Clients

Timing is important. Contact clients about Christmas light installation services earlier than December. Remind customers at every service year-round of the Christmas Light installation service. 

Pro Tip: Attach a flier to every receipt. Start reaching out to schedule clients around Halloween or shortly after. Clients will book in advance for light installation, many earlier than Thanksgiving. Build a sense of urgency by urging them to act quickly as “spots are filling up fast.” Learn more tactics with the online Christmas Light Installation Services training from Power Wash Academy.

How to Advertise Christmas Light Installation Services

Use the same avenues and add a new service offering – Christmas light installation. Learn more effective techniques with Power Wash Academy’s online training, from print ads to fliers to paid advertising on social media. These tactics will help build year-round services, too.

Build an inventory of Popular Products

Christmas light installation service is popular in many neighborhoods and in high demand! Many last-minute opportunities will happen, so be prepared to capitalize. Have more than what is needed on hand. The installation season is short. Don’t lose revenue by waiting for a product. Spread the expense over a longer time, and build an inventory early with popular lighting items

Basic products needed: 

  • C9 Cord with 12″ Spacing Spools. These 1000 ft of green wires make any home immediately filled with the Christmas spirit, and every customer is likely to request.
  •  C9 bulbs. Stock plenty of these to fill out the spools, and keep different LED bulb colors on hand. Customers love choices.
  • The large, lush, and green wreaths on front doors are synonymous with Christmas, 
  • Hardwear: Clips, timers, male and female plugs, zip ties, etc. 

Pro Tip: Offer storage services. Once you custom build light strands and decorations for a home, offer to store the decorations and reinstall them next year. Book the installation date in January, setting up guaranteed revenue for the next holiday season.  


A perfect way to continue the revenue stream in the winter holidays is by adding Christmas light installation services to your power washing business. has all the popular lighting products and training needed to hit the ground running. Remember to visit the site often to check out videos of the latest industry news, insider tips, and the latest products.

Key Takeaways:

  • Training and products for Christmas light installation services are all available from
  • Use the existing customer base and offer them Christmas light installation service during the slow winter months.
  • Offer Storage service and book next year’s installation when removing the decorations.
  • Contact potential customers early in the year, and remind them during Thanksgiving that time is of the essence to book you for their Christmas light installation. 
  • Want to know more, purchase Christmas Light Installation Training at

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