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Sustainable Pressure washing skid now ready

Sustainable Power Washing: Introducing’s Electric Solution to SORE Regulations 

In a world increasingly attentive to environmental impacts and regulatory compliance, stands out by launching the groundbreaking “California Skid,” a fully electric hot water pressure and soft washing system that pioneers Sustainable Power Washing and meets California’s strict Small Off-Road Engine (SORE) regulations. This innovative product underscores our commitment to providing high-performance, eco-friendly solutions for the cleaning industry. 

The Need for Sustainable Power Washing

As of January 1, 2024, California’s Air Resource Board has implemented a mandate prohibiting the sale of off-road spark-ignition engines generating 19 kilowatts or less. This regulation affects a wide array of equipment, from lawnmowers to commercial pressure washers. Consequently,’s response, the “California Skid,” ensures that professionals in the cleaning industry can continue to operate without interruption while adhering to these new environmental standards and maintain sustainable power washing. 

Vision for the Future: Ideal for Municipalities, Colleges, and Institutions 

Mike Hinderliter, a seasoned industry expert, leads with vision. He views the California Skid as a key development in sustainable commercial cleaning. This system suits municipalities, universities, and similar institutions well. They need to comply with strict SORE regulations while caring for their facilities. These entities are already enjoying the advantages. They integrate advanced, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These solutions meet environmental and maintenance standards effortlessly and without compromise.

Technical Spotlight: The California Skid 

The California Skid represents the peak of sustainable innovation and technical excellence. It is meticulously designed to comply with California’s strict SORE regulations. This fully electric system is built on a 6-foot aluminum truck bed skid. Additionally, it includes adjustable ladder racks and side shelves, offering both functionality and robustness. At its heart is a high-performance electric pressure washer. It features a diesel burner, producing hot water up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The flow rate reaches 4 gallons per minute.

California Skid Truck is for Sustainable Power Washing requirements and regulations.
California Skid Truck – First in Sustainable Power Washing

This framework seamlessly integrates a 12-volt soft wash unit. It is encased in an aluminum box for durability and easy access. The unit features a deluxe soft wash pump, delivering 7 GPM at 150 PSI. It pairs with a Flojet accumulator tank for precise chemical applications. The Deluxe Proportioner enhances this functionality. Operators can finely tune chemical mix ratios using calibrated metering valves and a mixing chamber.

Supporting these primary components is a comprehensive hose and storage system designed for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact. It includes a 200-gallon water tank with a Hudson float valve, complemented by a 55-gallon bleach tank and a 6-gallon surfactant tank for various cleaning solutions. The hose management system features two Hannay hose reels to accommodate 100 feet of pressure hose and 100 feet of water supply hose, along with a chemical-resistant stainless-steel reel for 200 feet of soft wash hose. Additionally, the setup includes 100 feet of durable double-braided pressure hose and 200 feet of bleach-resistant ½-inch soft wash hose, ensuring reliable performance across all cleaning operations. A kink-free and lightweight 100-foot supply hose rounds out the essential components, ensuring operational fluidity and ease. 

Embrace the Future of Sustainable Power Washing

For professional pressure washers, contract cleaners, and entrepreneurs looking to start or upgrade their cleaning services, the California Skid represents an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in a changing regulatory landscape. By choosing, you’re not only selecting a system that meets current regulations but also investing in Sustainable Power Washing technology. 

Learn, Grow, and Succeed with 

Under the combined expertise of Christopher Blann and Mike Hinderliter, not only sells equipment but also offers comprehensive training through the PowerWash Academy. This resource is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the pressure washing industry, covering topics from technical operations to business management. 

We encourage all cleaning professionals to consider how adopting our California Skid can transform your business operations and compliance strategies. Subscribe to our newsletter for more insights, updates, and exclusive tips directly from industry experts like Cody Downs, Mark Demko, Tyler Rogahn, Mike Tesaro Christopher Blann and Mike Hinderliter. Together, let’s lead the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Facebook Page, Power Wash Community Group 

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