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Save Time, Money and Get Better Results with a Soft Washing Proportioner

Soft washing is the safest and most complete way to clean any exterior structure – we all know that. But without the proper equipment, it can be costly, not just on your wallet but also on your time. Proportioners ensure proper and unlimited customized mix ratios for each different job, and help you change surfactants and detergents quickly. A soft washing proportioner will save you time and money while getting you better results.

A Familiar Scenario

How familiar is this scenario from your soft washing jobs? You’ve just made a large batch of solution with the right mix of bleach, water, and surfactant. Or so you thought! You start the job and realize, “this isn’t working!” So you return to your truck and adjust the mix to get it right, or worse, end up having to pour it all out and start over when you move to the next job. Manually mixing products can take up your time and waste resources when done incorrectly. Proportioners allow for quick customizations of the mix ratio and detergents from job to job with zero waste. Clean up time is also optimized because you can rinse your pump and hoses quickly with freshwater.

How does a soft wash proportioner work?

A soft wash proportioner helps to accurately portion and mix the products being used for a soft wash job. It is a system that uses 3 inlets; for bleach, water, and surfactant. This allows you to portion the amount of each into your hose to achieve the perfect cleaning solution ratio or soft wash mix. 

The Solution? The Sidewinder Pro and Pro Slim series

The Sidewinder Pro and Pro Slim are mixing stations that use 3 inlets for bleach, water, and surfactant allowing you to portion the amount of each product into your main line to your wand. 

The DELUX® Sidewinder Pro and Pro Slim Mix Stations are easy to use proportioners that efficiently mix bleach, water, and surfactant. Once the three liquid lines are connected, you can send premixed solution directly to the pump! The Pro Proportioner comes with three metering valves that are scaled allowing for custom mix ratios that can be easily duplicated.

If you’re looking for a soft wash solution that eliminates batch mixing, look no further than the DELUX® Maverick Sidewinder Pro and Pro Slim Mix Stations. These products are ideal for diaphragm pumps and allow the user to quickly dial-in custom mix ratios with scaled metering valves. The sidemount design lets you use multiple tanks and control your mix ratios on the fly, which lets you move from job to job quickly and seamlessly. Check valves on each inlet stop undesired mixing, making these soft washing proportioners the perfect solution. (No pun intended ;)).

Sidewinder products are available at Learn more about the DELUX® Sidewinder Pro Mix Station proportioner on our YouTube page.

Can You Build A Soft Washing Proportioner?

While the Sidewinder Pro and Pro slim come assembled, tested and ready to add to your system, many pros have resorted to creating their own version of this. 

If you want to build your own proportioner, you should ensure the valves and pipes of the proportioner are all made from polypropylene. This will make them bleach and chemical resistant. The three one-way check valves are crucial as they prevent water and chemicals from back flowing into the feed tanks contaminating your chemicals. Use true metering valves which deliver consistent flow at each setting. Other “ball type” valves are not consistent and will not help you be sure of your mix ratio each time you move the valve.  Remember not to over tighten, as that may crack the parts. A good practice is to use PTFE tape when building your own proportioner.

Key Takeaways:

  • A soft washing proportioner saves you time and delivers a far more accurate wash mixture.
  • Ability to quickly customize your mix from job to job with little to no waste. 
  • Soft washing is a popular and effective way of cleaning any building’s exterior.
  • Easily rinse your system out with fresh water to stop corrosion from Sodium Hypochlorite.
  • The Sidewinder Pro and Pro Slim  from are easy to use.
  • A proportioner allows you to accurately portion the amount of each chemical for the perfect cleaning solution ratio.

The Difference

The DELUX® Sidewinder Pro is a top-of-the-line proportioner that can help make any power washing job faster and easier. But at, we don’t just stop there. We also offer a custom version of the Sidewinder Pro that includes a 3-way ball valve. This valve allows fresh water to run through the proportioner’s pump and hoses to flush the bleach out of the system when you finish the job. So not only will the Sidewinder Pro cut down your job time, but with’s add-on, it will also shorten your clean-up time! Plus the Pro Slim version has an ingenious mixing chamber allowing for a more thorough mix. Both Sidewinders have true metering valves to ensure accurate mix ratios every time.
For more about the Sidewinder Pro and the Pro Slim and the benefits of power washing, soft washing, and soft wash proportioners, visit the Shop.

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