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Generate More Leads with Multiple Service Pages

Imagine an online store that put every product on one long page. You would have to scroll through endless unrelated items just to find the one thing you wanted. It makes much more sense to put each product on a separate page. This allows customers to quickly search and find what they need. There may be links to related products, but the main focus is usually one item for sale. Your services are your products. If you offer multiple services, you need to have multiple service pages. Multiple service pages will help you generate more leads. Put each service on a separate page to make them easier to find and more search engine friendly.

Your customers are trying to solve a specific problem. Most pressure washing companies specialize in a particular area like kitchen exhaust cleaning, fleet washing, or house washing. So it’s easy to think of all of the specific services you offer as one service, but that’s not how your customers think. Customers will search for things like “dumpster cleaning, sidewalk gum removal, or grease trap cleaning” before they search for “restaurant cleaning.” If they search for “restaurant cleaning” they are likely to find janitorial services. That’s not where you want to rank if you are trying to generate leads for a pressure washing business.

If you have one page with a bulleted list of services, take each of those items and create a page for that specific service. Then write a keyword rich description for each service. Resist the urge to copy and paste. This will most likely cause your page to be flagged for duplicate content. Make each description unique. Your description doesn’t need to be long. You just need to name the problem and tell them why you are the best person to solve it. Use headings and bullet lists to bring attention to important information and make your content easier to read.

The next step is to add some great before and after pictures of several previous jobs. Be sure to give each photo a descriptive alt tag and title. This is a great chance to use your keywords. In other words, stop calling your images “G85N3.jpg” and start calling them “Vinyl Siding Cleaning Before Shot.jpg” Update your photos and photo captions often to keep your content fresh.

Don’t forget to add a form to request a quote. Don’t risk losing conversions by making your customers click through to another page. Make it easy for them to contact you. Only ask for the information you need to move to the next step in the sales process. Remember you are still trying to earn their trust at this point. Not everyone wants to give out a lot of personal information over the internet.

Multiple service pages will give you a chance to send more meta information to search engines. Instead of creating a single page with a title like “Pressure Washing Services”, create several pages with specific titles like “Vinyl Siding Cleaning Services.” You can also make more keyword lists and meta descriptions that are specific to each of your services. Once again, it is crucial that each page be unique. Do not copy and paste here.

Generate more leads by creating multiple service pages. Write unique, keyword rich content for each page. Add some great before and after shots. Put in a call to action and give customers a place to request a quote. Then finish up with keyword rich meta information.

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