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PowerWash Industry
The Dual Port Injector & Apple Blossom

The Dual Port Injector Kit is designed for downstreaming sodium hypochlorite with Apple Blossom. Just place the first line into the sodium hypochlorite. Then place the second line with the …

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PowerWash Industry
Maverick Soft Wash System: Effectively Clean Roofs & Siding

The Maverick Soft Wash System is a professional grade soft wash machine for low-pressure roof cleaning and house washing. The high strength aluminum tube frame protects a Delux D7150 12v …

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Spray Tips
How To Avoid Swirls When Using Your Surface Cleaner

A pressure washer surface cleaner uses high powered water jets to clean dirt, dust, grime, and debris from a flat surface. When used with the right cleaning product, the fast-spinning …

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PowerWash Industry
Beginning to End: Dumpster Pad Cleaning
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