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Save over $500 by purchasing the 55 gallon Drum kit of Power House compared to purchasing 11 pails of Powerhouse by mixing it yourself.

DNB is a powerful cleaner formulated exclusively for professional pressure wash companies to dissolve the toughest dirt, grease, and filth. It is perfect for concrete pads on the dirtiest of Gas Stations. Popular for Fast Food Chain Drive-Thrus, Dumpster Pads, Wood Cleaning . Degrease oil rigs, industrial equipment, and heavy machinery. Use DNB to rinse away years of baked-on grease and grime. It can clean an old engine or dirty undercarriage in a matter of minutes. It can also clean the industrial road grime found in many oil fields. It is specially designed to break the bond that heavy grease and dirt have on the surface allowing years of oil and grime to be rinsed away. It can be downstreamed, brushed, or used as a soak. It rinses clean with zero residue with Cold Water or Hot Water.

Mixing: HEAVY DUTY CLEANING: Set metering valve to deliver from (100 to 1) to (50 to 1) depending on soil and grease conditions.
HEAVY DUTY STEAM CLEANING: Set metering valve to 30 to 1.
PRESOAK: Mix concentrate 4 to 1 with water then pre-spray or hand scrub. Excellent on diesel smoke. Follow up with regular truck or car wash detergent. (Example -R109)
TWO STEP SYSTEMS: Use as step number 1, mix concentrate 3 to 1.
GAS STATION/ DRIVE THRU CONCRETE CLEANING: 30 to 1. Pre-spray oil spots at 4 to 1 Dwell for up to 15 minutes


DNB-1430 Powerhouse 55 Gal Mix Kit

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DNB1430 is a two-part mix designed to infiltrate and remove heavy grease, soil, and grime on diesel engine blocks, driveshafts, undercarriages, and other areas of heavy machinery. One kit will make 55 gallons of powerful degreaser. Mixing:
  1. Wear rubber gloves, face shield, protective clothing while mixing in a plastic or steel 55-gallon drum using a pressure washer for water and agitation.
  2. Start by adding 18 gallons (1/3 full) of cold water to the drum
  3. While adding the next 18 gallons (2/3 full) of cold water with the pressure washer, slowly add the DNB-1430 “POWDER”. The best results are when the powder enters the water near the nozzle. KEEP THE NOZZLE UNDER THE WATER.
  4. While adding the next 15 gallons of cold water with the pressure washer, slowly add the DNB-1430 “LIQUID” near the nozzle.
Click here for the DNB-1430 Liquid Safety Data Sheet Click here for the DNB-1430 Powder Safety Data Sheet
Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 17 in
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