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Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System
Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System
Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System
Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System

Stallion Stampede Complete Gas Powered Soft Wash System

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The Guys at have revolutionized the soft washing industry with the Stallion Stampede.  This Complete Soft Wash System is the affordable answer to starting or growing a commercial soft wash business. The Stallion Stampede is the perfect platform to grow your business by adding additional crews. The small foot print and light weight nature means the Stampede fits in small trucks and small trailers (L48 x W40 x H48).  The Stallion Stampede’s Biggs & Stratton Vanguard 6.5 HP powerplant has the all-day power that commercial soft washers need.  This system includes a proportioner and 3 tanks to make getting the right mix quick and easy. Our Stampede’s have everything needed to go straight to the job-site. Just add fluids; gas, water (SH, soap too) then start making money.  This kit also includes access to the world famous Power Wash Academy including all training needed to successfully enter/grow your soft washing  business.  Want to know more Call us 1-800-433-2113

Stallion Base Model

  • The Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash Machine is built to remove mold, bacteria, mildew, moss, fungus and algae from soft surfaces like stucco, asphalt shingle roofs, vinyl siding, wood fences and decks. All Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash Systems are assembled and tested in the USA.A Comet pump is the heart of the Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System. The Comet pump is a corrosion resistant three diaphragm pump with plastic heads and plastic manifolds.
  • Engine- Biggs & Stratton Vanguard 6.5 HP 203 CC, 3.3 Fuel Capacity
  • Pump-Comet 36/10 9 GPM 145 PSI
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius)
  • Hose- 200’ ½ Inner diameter Flextral Non Collapsible Soft Wash hose. ½ inner Diameter
  • Hose Reel-Delux All 304 Stainless Steel hose Reel . Features a Reel Lock, Stainless Hose Reel Swivel.
  • Stallion Frame-Sturdy Aluminum Frame High Strength Rust Resistant Aluminum
  • Guns- Soft Wash Gun and 24”wand and Wash Down Gun
  • Jrod–Size 60 Fan Nozzles with an Assassin Long Range 60 degree Nozzle
  • Quick Disconnect Camlocks
  • Stallion Skid Frame-suction hose and bypass hose to switch to a rinse water source for cleaning the pump.
  • Three semi-hydraulic sodium hypochlorite resistant diaphragms
  • 316 stainless steel check valves
  • Self-priming
  • Can be run dry


  • The Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System is supported and protected by a high strength rust resistant aluminum frame that comes ready for mounting.
  • A stainless steel hose reel rests on top of the Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System. The durable “u” shaped 304 stainless steel frame (45″ Tall x17″ Wide) and PVC drum make it a perfect choice for sodium hypochlorite application. An adjustable tension brake keeps the hose reel from slipping while in use and locked during transport.
  • The Delux® Stallion Gas Powered Soft Wash System comes with a 200-foot 1/2 inch industrial grade PVC hose. This hose is flexible enough to resist cracking due to weather abrasion, and also durable enough to resist kinking.
  • A chemical resistant trigger gun is attached to the end of the hose. The included trigger lock makes working for long periods much more comfortable. A 24 inch PVC wand keeps the spray away from your face for safer and more comfortable working.
  • A J-Rod quick connect 4 nozzle holder holds 4 of the most common nozzles used for soft washing. Just snap it into the quick coupler socket that is included on the end of the wand. Quickly switch between nozzles to cover more area in less time. Three steel nozzles are included 20º size 60 40º size 60 0º size 60
  • An Assassin Nozzle for shooting chemical mixes up to 2 stories is also included. This way you can keep working from the ground. No need to keep moving a ladder. Work faster and safer.

Delux Stallion Sidewinder Pro Slim Mix Station

Setting up the Delux Stallion Sidewinder Pro Slim Mix Station is easy. Just connect the bleach, water, and surfactant lines and send premixed solution directly to your pump! Three dials allow you to control the concentration of each additive. The Pro Proportioner scaled valves allowing for custom mix ratios that can be easily duplicated. Each inlet has an independent check valve to stop undesired mixing.

  • Ideal for gas powered soft wash pumps with a return
  • Inlet / Surfactant: 3/8 in
  • Inlet / Water: ½ in
  • Inlet / SH: ½ in
  • Outlet: ¾ in
  • scaled valves for “dialing in” custom mix ratios
  • Slim Design
  • Superior Stable mounting points
  • Delux Proprietary initial mixing chamber
  • 2 55 Gallon Norwesco Poly Tanks ,

1 Norwesco 6 Gallon Soap Tank

100% Aluminum base Frame Dimensions L48xW40XH48

Includes a Special Offer of 1 Power Wash Academy Soft Wash online course for $59.99 Normally $399.00

Weight 650 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 54 in


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