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Blue Boost Concrete Cleaner Additive (5 Gallons)

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Super charge your concrete cleaner with Blue Boost. When Blue Boost is added to Clearly Clean Xtreme Concrete Cleaner it creates a hard-working liquid cleaner that penetrates stains on concrete and slows the drying process. The increase in dwell time allows Clearly Clean Xtreme to break down the grease and soil for a longer period of time. Blue Boost helps you clean faster and use less caustic soda detergent.

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Blue Boost is designed to boost the wetting and penetrating action of Delux’s Clearly Clean Xtreme and other sodium hydroxide based detergents (caustic soda). A special blend of wetting agents, surfactants, solvents, and concrete bleaching agents combine to boost deep cleaning of embedded hydrocarbon soils in concrete driveways and parking lots. Blue is non-hazardous. It has a neutral PH of 7to 7.5, and is safe to handle and apply directly to most any surface. Use ½-2 ounces of Blue Boost per 5 gallons of sodium hydroxide-based concrete cleaning mix. Blue Boost will not gum up your chemical tank and it will not dilute your mix.

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