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7.5" All-In-One Light Stake - Bag of 25

SKU: S-75-AIOLS-25


Showcase your various colored light bulbs by placing them in our 7.5″ All-In-One Light Stake! These light stakes are designed to hold C7, C9, and mini lights. Place these stakes along walkways and driveways to have your lighting system complement the outdoors of your home or venue. Choose a vertical or horizontal orientation with the revolving stake head to make the statement that you are looking for. Whether you use them for the holiday season or you use them for more year around occasion, these stakes make installing lights simple and easy all year around.

  • • 7.5″ All-In-One Light Stake
  • • Designed to hold C7, C9, and mini lights.
  • • Revolving head enables vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • • Pinch both sides of the revolving head together in order to hold
      mini lights.
  • • Great for using to line different outdoor spaces, including
      sidewalks, landscaping details, driveways, parking lots, and more.
  • • Designed to hold C7 and C9 lights as well as mini lights.
  • • Perfect to create displays along walkways, driveways and to complement landscape areas.
  • • The revolving head of the stake allows you to give your bulbs vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • • To hold mini lights, simply pinch both sides of the revolving head together.


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